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Preventing The Agitation And Confusion That Comes Along With Moving An Alzheimer's Patient From Their Home

Even for a healthy adult with a sound mind, moving can be one of the most frustrating and trying experiences. However, for someone who has Alzheimer's disease, moving can be an all-out nightmare. If you are being faced with the possibility of moving your family member with Alzheimer's disease to your home, you should know that this is an event that must be carefully planned out to prevent agitation and confusion for your loved one. Even though making the change will be difficult for the patient, you can eliminate some of the stress from the situation by following a few rules about relocating someone who has Alzheimer's disease. 

You must make the transition as slowly as possible. 

Moving is normally a feat that people want to get done and over as quickly as possible, but for a patient who has Alzheimer's disease, you do not want to have everything be normal one day and then pack up and leave the next. The process should be tackled slowly by:

  • taking a few boxes at a time to your home instead of taking everything at once
  • talking about the move for several days in advance
  • slowly spending more time at your home instead of at theirs 

Don't allow the person to stay home on moving day. 

When the day finally comes when the last of their stuff will be moved by professional movers, it is best if your loved one with Alzheimer's is not home. Having strangers in their home can be upsetting and may trigger episodes of frustration because they don't understand what is going on. Plus, it can be upsetting for them to see their belongings packed away by people they don't know in a vehicle they don't recognize. Make it a point to get your loved one out of their home on moving day early for these reasons. 

Set up your loved one's living quarters before they come home with you. 

People who have Alzheimer's need a daily routine that happens in surroundings they can recognize to prevent excess confusion. Before the final moving day when your loved one is finally ready to spend their first night in their new living space, make sure that you do some prep work in advance. Set up their living space in a recognizable way by implementing their favorite pieces of furniture or even arranging the furnishings in a familiar way. Use pieces of their decor to hang on the walls in your home and put up the same window treatments in their room as they had in their home. 

Be sure to discuss your concerns with the local moving professionals, such as Palmieri Movers.