Helpful Tips for Arranging Your Storage Unit

Three Ways To Get Ready For Your Moving Company's Arrival

Hiring professional movers can help your moving day go off without a hitch. Depending on the level of service you order, the crew can arrive early and pack up all your possessions or simply visit your home on the day of your move to relocate everything. If you prefer the latter option, the onus is on you to spend the previous days and weeks preparing for the move so that when the crew members arrive, they can get right down to business. The entire move will go more smoothly if you're well-prepared when the crew gets to your home. Here are three important ways to achieve this goal.

Make Sure Everything Is Labeled

Although your primary mission on the day of your move is to empty your current home, it's important to avoid overlooking the eventual process of settling into your new location. One of the best ways to make things go smoothly when you arrive at your new home is to ensure that everything you're moving has a label. This doesn't mean labeling boxes based on their content, although this approach is helpful. Rather, each item you own should have a label that indicates where it should be placed at the new home. Some people use a color-coding system to make things easy, but whatever strategy you adopt, devoting time to labeling things in advance will prevent headaches in the future.

Take Apart Large Items

You can improve the ease of the moving day by disassembling your large items before the moving crew arrives. While it's true that the crew can certainly take on this project, the reality is that stopping to take apart a bed frame or a wall unit will eat up valuable time that the crew could otherwise spend loading the truck. Grab some basic tools and disassemble large, bulky items in advance of the moving crew's arrival -- just don't forget to load any nuts and bolts into a zip-top bag and tape it to the back of the object you just took apart.

Group Fragile Items Together

While it's important to clearly mark boxes that contain fragile items, it's worthwhile to move all these possessions to one specific area of your home -- ideally, out of harm's way. Many moving crews favor loading all the fragile items at the same time so that they can maximize the use of moving blankets, straps and other protection devices. Additionally, they can store these items in a protected area of the truck, such as behind a table placed on its side. Grouping all these similar items together will prevent the crew from having to gather everything later on. Contact a local moving company, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, for more tips.