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Moving With A Toddler - Four Tips To Keep You Sane And Your Child Happy

If you are planning a move with your toddler, they are just learning about the world are aren't going to understand the changes around them. There are things that you can do as a parent to keep your toddler safe and happy before, during, and after a move. Here are four tips to help make a move more fun and efficient for your family and your toddler 

1. Talk With Your Toddler

Your toddler might not fully grasp what moving is all about, so explain this in a way that will quell fears about the changes around them. Don't expect your child to just automatically understand that you will be moving, or what moving even is. Reassure them that their favorite things and everyone in the family including pets will be relocating. If there is something at the new home that will be a feature, such as a bigger yard or a nearby park, talk this up as well.

2. Have Kids Help Pack

Just because your little one is still getting the hang of basic tasks, you can still give them assignments to help. If this is stacking their durable toys in boxes or even getting all of the cat toys in the living room picked up, your child will feel as if they are part of the process. They will see you packing up and will be able to help in their own way and get excited about moving.

3. Travel Gear

Whether relocating will involve a car ride across town or a flight across the country, having your child's basic necessities nearby is key. Have your toddler's favorite snacks on the ready and make sure that their comforts travel with them. This can include a favorite toy, a change of clothes, and their blanket or pillow. This will keep them occupied and less stressed and you won't have to immediately rummage for these things when you arrive at your new home.

4. Safety on Move Day

The activities surrounding moving day might be a little too much for your toddler to handle. If you will be coordinating packing and moving with movers, watching out for young kids can be too much on your plate. If you can have your child stay with relatives during the actual move, they will be safe and you can focus on all of the moving details.

Moving is tough as it is, and throwing a toddler into the mix can add to your stress levels. If you can take a little time to make the moving process as easy as you can, your toddler will be less apt to act out. If you are moving into a home that will better accommodate your family, just remember the big picture and that moving will be complete soon. 

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