Helpful Tips for Arranging Your Storage Unit

How To Store Fabric In A Storage Unit

Every sewing enthusiast has their stash of fabric, but what are you to do if you don't have your own crafting room? Using a storage unit to store your fabric can help free up space in your home and keep your fabric stash organized and accessible.

How To Store Your Fabric

To store your fabric stash effectively, you'll want to invest in a shelving unit or pallets to stack your stash on. You will want to get some large clear totes to place your fabric in. If you want to fit even more of your stash in each tote, get some vacuum storage bags to compress your stash further. Try to stack your totes so that all of them are readily accessible along the perimeter of the unit. It can be difficult to dig through layers of totes to find what you want. You should also label each vacuum sealed bag with the fabric style, type, washing instructions and what project the fabric is intended for.

Storing Your Fabric Safely

Thankfully, your fabrics won't be damaged by light in a storage unit. However, you may have some concerns about moisture in the air. Mildew can seriously damage fabrics by staining the fabric and causing the threads of the fabric to weaken and break.

One way to avoid your fabrics being exposed to mildew is to get a climate controlled storage unit. If one isn't available, you'll want to give your fabric a tumble in the dryer before storing it. Doing this will ensure all of the moisture is out of the fabric and will work to prevent it from mildewing. There are also special sachets that you can enclose in each tote or vacuum seal bag to prevent moisture from harming your fabric.

Keeping Your Stash Organized

To keep your fabric stash organized you should organize the fabrics by their material type and how you intend to use each piece. This may mean bundling together fabrics you intend to use in a cotton based quilt, or keeping the polyester fabric intended for an outfit together. If you want to go the extra mile, you can store the fabric for each project together along with the thread, patterns and other materials needed to complete your project. The next time you get the itch to sew something up, all you'll have to do is stop by your storage unit and snag your next project. 

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