Helpful Tips for Arranging Your Storage Unit

Three Strategies To Help You Prepare Before Your Moving Crew Arrives

Hiring a local moving crew for your upcoming move can help things run smoothly on this important day. Local moving companies can help in a number of ways, from packing up your possessions in the days leading up to the move to ensuring all your items reach your new home safely. If you've opted to handle the packing yourself and have chosen to hire the moving crew for the move specifically, there are a number of ways you can get ready to ensure there are no hiccups on the big day. Here are three strategies to help you prepare for the arrival of the movers.

Pack Important Items Together

There's little chance that you'll get much unpacking done in your new home on the same day as the move, so take care to pack together the items that you'll need right away at your new home. This box can include things as simple as a change of clothes for the next day, basic toiletries, your coffee maker and a couple mugs, and any important paperwork pertaining to the move. The last thing you need is having these important items scattered throughout your moving boxes, and you'll benefit from keeping them together in a clearly marked box.

Prepare Your Appliances

Taking the time to prepare your appliances for the move can maximize the moving crew's work on your moving day. Check your freezer and fridge manuals to determine how long to defrost them; it might be a day or more, so make sure you have this done in advance. Likewise, empty any baking sheets, pots and pans that you store in your oven, as these will rattle around and could damage the oven front's glass during the move. You can also remove your washing machine's hoses, unplug your appliances and wrap up the cords to ensure they're ready when the moving crew arrives.

Group Together What You Need The Movers To Handle

It's common to book a crew of movers in a designated block of time -- four or six hours, for example -- and it's possible that your move won't be complete by the time the crew has to depart. While you might have some luck retaining the crew an extra hour or two, it's also possible that the movers have to head straight to another job. If you're concerned about time, group together the items that you want the movers to handle. In most cases, this could be your heavy items, such as your furniture and appliances. Through this approach, you can leave yourself the lighter, more manageable items to deal with after the crew leaves.