Helpful Tips for Arranging Your Storage Unit

Need A Storage Unit? Tips For Choosing The Unit You Need

There are a number of reasons you may need to rent a storage unit and there are a number of different types of storage units to be rented. You need to decide how much space you need and what type of storage will best protect your things. You should also consider what type of access you will need to the unit. Here are a few tips for helping you figure out just what you need.


When it comes to choosing the size of the storage unit you need, you need to think of what you will be storing and for how long. If the things you are going to put in the unit will all be in boxes, you can stack them to the ceiling and will have more room. When you will be storing bulky or odd shaped items, you will need a larger space for everything. If possible, take the time and mark out the size unit you are thinking about renting and then move everything into the area. When you know you will not be going into the unit it's time to remove everything, you can pack things tighter. If, on the other hand, you will be entering the unit to take things out or put new things in, you need to have room to move stuff around.


You can choose to have a drive up storage unit, an indoor storage unit, or just an outdoor space. You can store any type of motor vehicle in an outdoor space. If you are concerned about damage from the weather, a cover will help. This is going to be the least expensive type of unit to rent. When you are storing large items or boxes of common household belongings, you can use a drive up unit that does not have climate control. However, when you are storing fragile or delicate things that need to be kept in a stable climate, going with an indoor unit may be your best option.


When you are putting heavy, awkward items in the storage unit, you want to be able to drive to the door and quickly move them in with as little handling as possible. Smaller, compact boxes can be taken up stairs and stored in an indoor facility. You should also consider when you will be entering the unit. Some facilities lock the buildings for indoor units when the employees leave the premises but still allow you access to drive up units.

Self storage units are a good way to protect your belongings when you do not have room for them. This may be when you are in the process of moving and want some extra space while packing and unpacking, when you are moving out of one home but the new one is not ready for you yet, or if you do not have enough storage in your home for all your belongings. It all comes down to keeping your belongings safe when not physically in your possession.